Heated Spending Cut Debates Are Just Political Posturing: The Debated Programs Make Up a Small Fraction of Federal Spending

What Five Easy Theses says about posturing over spending cuts: The big dollars are virtually all in programs generally considered off the table for cuts. The lesson here is that talk of meaningful change in expenditures, while exempting the elderly and defense along with debt service, is mainly election rhetoric. The “All Other” pie slice contains numerous items, such as the FBI, the food inspection program, the Center for Disease Control, and the national parks – governmental services that no sensible person really wants to do without.Five Easy Theses

Posturing over spending cuts in action: Non-defense discretionary (NDD) programs comprise domestic and international programs outside of national defense that Congress funds on an annual basis. In 2014, it totaled 17 percent of federal spending. —The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities